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"O Glorious Spirit of Mystery, I put my arms around you. I do not know what will happen to me today, but I accept it. Give me a heart of courage and believing, so I may put my trust in you, and fear nothing."
A Native American Prayer to Begin the Day
From the President's Desk

Welcome and Thank you for giving me this opportunity, to introduce the Dominican International Institute. Dominican International Institute offers innovative programs, non-traditional didactic methodologies and supervised on-the-job practical training or community service, which is self-directed, oriented to action projects, and focused on everyone finding and mastering a field. All of these features stand in sharp contrast to traditional programs which offers a single content taught to all students through presentations and tested for right answers.

Library, with over 4,000 books, 850 or so scientific DVDs, periodicals, newspapers, etc. is located on the 2nd floor. Students are allowed to study at the library or borrow books for up to one week. DIC Students are encouraged to use the Troy Public Library, which is located about 5 minutes away on East Big Beaver Road.
  Dominican International Institute, plans to make higher education accessible and affordable. In addition to financial aid available from Federal Student Loans and Michigan Works programs, DII plans to provide special academic & financial help to;
Foreign qualified professionals
Recent immigrants
Citizens with disabilities
Senior Citizens
Adults – for second or third career
Others – who have the passion for higher or continuing education
And especially for those who feel that higher education is too expensive, too cumbersome, too long or too difficult for them.

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