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Academic Facilities

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Dominican International Institute (DII), is centrally located at 3555,  East 12 Mile Road in   Warren, the 3rd largest city in Michigan. Located next to Warren-Mott High School, it is only 5-15 minutes away from Detroit, Troy, Madison Heights, Sterling Heights and other cities. It is easily accessible from major highways (I-75, I-696, I-94). A large parking lot is in the rear of the building.

Classes, seminars & workshops are also held at several other locations, including at the large auditorium of Warren Parks & Recreation Buildings nearby, where DII students also enjoy the recreational facilities, swimming pool, gym and the library.

Library, with over 4,000 books, 850 or so scientific DVDs, periodicals, newspapers, etc. is located on the 2nd floor. Students are allowed to study at the library or borrow books for up to one week. DIC Students are encouraged to use the Troy Public Library, which is located about 5 minutes away on East Big Beaver Road.

Laboratory, as required for science & medicine courses is fully equipped with human skeletons, human body with detachable organs to study various body parts & systems,  goniometers to measure ROM, exam tables, therapeutic exercise facilities, stretching table, lung-function machines, etc. including other equipment, supplies and material for physical therapy, occupational therapy,  pre-med studies, or health related seminars & courses.

Class rooms and labs are fully equipped with the Audio-visual system, which is used extensively to teach many programs. Additional hand-on practical training is provided, during the clinical, at actual clinics and facilities for those modalities.

Dominican International Institute may also offer some classes, seminars, workshops or training off-campus at any other location, including at community centers, libraries, churches, etc. within or beyond the State of Michigan.

Distance Learning
An extensive website with complete facility to enjoy distance learning is being developed. The students will be issued their own special pass-code, to browse through the website, apply for admission, select courses, study independently through e-course, communicate with the professors, be tested and be able to chat with other students. Students will also be able to print their transcripts, pay tuition fee and apply for loans and scholarships.

While some courses have a class-room and distance learning components, some programs will be offered strictly on distance learning basis. Please check with the Registrar’s office or our website for more details.

Clinical Training
Arrangements have been made with the following organizations, where qualified students will receive clinical training:
1. Camp Home Health Services
2. Metro Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation, Inc.
3. Patient Advocate Rehab, Inc.
4. Therapeutic Care, PC
5. St Anthony Health Care Center
6. The Village Rehabilitation & Care Community

  • New Clinical Facilities, at various hospitals and clinics are being  added gradually.
  • Clinical Training, wherever required, is arranged by the school. Students do not get paid while doing the clinical training.
  • Students doing the program through distance-learning, must complete clinical at specific locations, as approved and/or arranged by the school, at their own expense.
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