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Activities Director

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The profession of Activities Director has become very important in the last two decades. While most Activities Directors work at long-term-care facilities, senior centers, and hospice, they are now involved in diverse environments, including community centers, nursing homes, day-care facilities. Some Activities Directors also manage programs for the youth.The career in the field of Activities Director is very challenging but rewarding.

The Certificate & Diploma programs of Dominican International Institute include training for MEPAP (Modular Education Program for Activity Professionals), which is required for the Certification (NCCAP), and taught by NCCAP Certified Teachers.

All programs, including Continuing Education programs are available on-line.Labs & Clinical Training however must be completed at the school and/or at designated facility. Credits earned can be transferred for training in many other professions e.g. Business, Health Care, Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences or Language & Cultures. New classes start in January, April, July and October.  Accelerated programs, credits for previous studies, scholarships, student loans and easy monthly payment facilities are available. Additional, non-credit courses, can be had for $5.00 per hour, based on availability. Please refer to DII school catalog or contact the Registrar for more information.

MEPAP (Part I & II)
Trimester 1-4 (1 year)
14 Courses = 600 clock hours
Tuition: $1,970.00
The 8-hours CPR & First Aid course is mandatory
cost is included in the tuition
MEPAP (Part I & II)
Trimester 1-8  (2-years)
28 Courses = 1,230 clock hours
Tuition: $3,860.00

  Code Topic Hrs.     Code Topic Hrs.
  ENG-101 English Composition -1 30     BUS-202 Introduction to Event Managemnt 45
  MED101 Introduction to Healthcare 30     BUS-207 The Art of Public Speaking 45
  ADP-101 Introduction to Activities Profession 30     BUS-218 Public Relations 45

  Code Topic Hrs.     Code Topic Hrs.
  ENG102 English Composition-2 30     BUS-219 Crisis & Conflict Management 45
  ADP-102 Activities Profession – Module-1 30     BUS-224 Budgeting & Financial Managemt 45
  ADP-103 Activities Profession – Module-2 30     COM101 Fundam of Communication Study 45
  MED105 Human Anatomy & Physiology-1       EDU-101 Fundamentals of Adult Learning 45

  Code Topic Hrs.     Code Topic Hrs.
  ADP-106 Activities Profession – Module-5 30     SOC-108 Death & Dying 45
  MED104 Medical Professional Ethics 30     COM201 Non-Verbal Communication 45
  SOC-101 Introduction to Sociology 30     REL-101 Spirituality 45
  CUL-101 Multicultural Studies 30     VOL101 Introduction to Volunteer Mgmnt 45

  Clinical 180

Professional Liability Insurance during Clinical is included
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