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Course Appendix  »  African American History

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  » AAS 101   » Introduction to African American Studies   » 45 clock hours
Prerequisite: None
This introductory course offers a unique opportunity to substantively expand your knowledge of Africa & African descended people. It explores the histories and cultures of people of Africa and the African Diaspora, particularly during 1857 to mid 1970´s.

  » AAS 102   » The Underground Railroad   » 45 clock hours
Prerequisite: None
This course covers the movement and migration of black slaves – known as The Underground Railroad. Beginning with the slave-trade triangle between Africa, Dominican Republic & Europe and ending with freedom within USA and Canada.

  » AAS 202   » Leadership Skills for African-Americans   » 45 clock hours
Prerequisite: AAS 101
This course provides information & skills needed to improve interpersonal communication, develop self-confidence, active listening, language usage, non-verbal communication, assertiveness training, interviews, group dynamics & oral presentations.This course is divided into three phases:
1Recognizes the pride & uniqueness of African Americans, the problems being faced at home & overseas including cultural, social, behavioral& political with emphasis on family, schools, communities, crime, lack of guidance, counseling, information, etc.
2Develops critical thinking skills and offers possible solutions. The role model and how one can overcome some of those problems and make a difference, building self-confidence, leadership skills and community development.
3Offers opportunities available for advancement, educational programs, scholarships, career.

  » AAS 203   » History of African Americans in the United States   » 45 clock hours
The course encompasses important selection of events beginning with the Dredd Scott case and culminating with school desegregation plans. It is divided into five key periods:
- 1857 The Dredd Scott Case
- 1865-1900 After the Civil War
- 1945-1955 Early Civil Right Struggle
- 1955-1965 The Civil Rights Movement
- 1955-1975 The School Integration

The course material is based on famous legal struggles throughout the period but also covers the broad themes of slavery and segregation, including Montgomery Bus Boycott & anti-segregation sit-ins.

  » AAS 304   » Black Emancipation & Civil Rights Movement   » 45 clock hours
Prerequisite: AAS 101
This course related the history of black emancipation and civil rights movements in the USA during the 19th& 20th centuries. It includes speeches & writings from key figures such as Martin Luther King, Booker T. Washington, Sojourner Truth & W.E.B.Du Bois.

The course includes a transcript of Martin Luther King´s famous ¨¨I have a Dream¨¨ speech (1963). Other topics cover slavery, movement towards emancipation ending with the economic & political achievements, including election of black mayors, governors and President Obama.
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