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Course Appendix  »  Chiropractic

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  » CHR-101   » Introduction to Chiropractic   » 45 clock hours
This program introduces you to the history, development and advancements in the burgeoning profession of chiropractic medicine.

  » CHR-103   » Chiropractic Office Administration & Procedures   » 45 clock hours
This course includes the office procedures and administration of a chiropractic clinic, including patient record-keeping, appointments, handling complaints, the control sheet, forms and human resources.

  » CHR-107   » Health Insurance & Billing   » 45 clock hours
This course involves learning about various types of private health insurance policies, Medicare & Medicaid, the CPT codes and the ICD-9-CM to find the medical codes for Chiropractic billing.

  » CHR-201   » Chiropractic Clinical Procedures   » 45 clock hours
Chiropractors provide unique procedures to help the patients. This programs introduces you to some fundamental procedures, and diagnostic tests of chiropractic medicine.

  » CHR-202   » Fundamentals ofX-ray Technology   » 45 clock hours
Radiology or X-ray’s studies are fundamental to the practice of chiropractic medicine. This course delves into how X-rays are used by the chiropractors to investigate the integrity of spine and diagnose the problem.

  » CHR-203   » Radiology inChiropractic   » 45 clock hours
Prerequisite: CHR-201
This course further examines the role of radiology in the practice of chiropractic medicine.

  » CHR-205   » Pediatrics – Chiropractic   » 45 clock hours
Children & young adults present different type of challenges, symptoms and health conditions. This specialist program emphasizes the health issues of pediatric patients and management of the same by chiropractic physicians.

  » CHR-206   » Geriatrics – Chiropractic   » 45 clock hours
The goal of this course is to analyze and study the health of elderly patients who often suffer from multiple health conditions, including osteoporosis, movement disorders, etc. and must be managed differently and diligently.

  » CHR-210   » Neuromuscular Rehabilitation   » 45 clock hours
The program covers the basic concepts in neurology, neurological & neuromuscular conditions and neurological rehabilitation techniques and skills.

  » CHR-225   » Independent Studies in Chiropractic   » 45 clock hours
Students need to suggest a program of their personal interest to conduct an independent study within the field of chiropractic medicine, and seek approval and guidance from the school, before embarking on this program.

  » CHR-290   » Research in Chiropractic   » 45 clock hours
Research is considered to be the professional development journey in chiropractic medicine. This course begins by building background knowledge of important concepts, theories & principles. The observation, examination & collection of data is then used to develop new theories, systems, procedures and programs to help improve delivery of health care and/or reduce the cost of health care delivery. The course includes the analytical and critical thinking, scientific methods, ethical concerns and search techniques necessary for the research process

  » GRT 101   » Geriatrics – Aging & Health   » 45 clock hours
The course will discuss the aging process and the effect of biological changes on the mental processes and functioning of the individual. The relationship between aging & chronic disease, prevention, emotional, social & physical forces of aging.

  » KIN 101   » Introduction to Kinesiology   » 45 clock hours
This course covers the relationships between the systems that relate to the functional movement of the human body, including mechanisms, muscles actions, planes, etc. of upper & lower extremities, face & trunk.
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