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Class Attendance and Excused Absences

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Registering, Adding, Dropping or Withdrawing from Courses
Each Trimester (January, April, July & October) students must complete a Registration Form for the courses he/she plans to attend, including the e-courses. The form must be turned into the Registrar’s office at least two weeks before the end of the current trimester, with the Registration Fee of $100.00.

The fee for all registered courses must be paid by the first day of the class. A late fee of $1.00 per day, per course, will be charged from the first day of the class.

Courses may only be added or dropped during the first week of classes of each term. This time is referred to as the “drop-add period.”

To add a course, a student completes a Change of Course form and obtains the permission of his or her faculty advisor and the instructor of the course. The student then returns the signed form to the Office of the Registrar. Change of Course forms may be obtained from the Office of the Registrar. After the drop-add period, courses may be added only in exceptional circumstances and only with the approval of the Academic Standing Committee. Students who fail to turn in a course change form by the deadline may be subject to a late fee of $50.00.

To drop a course, a student completes a Change of Course form, obtains the permission of his or her faculty advisor and returns the completed form to the Office of the Registrar by the end of the drop-add period. Courses dropped do not appear on a student's transcript.

Students must enroll for all work for which they desire credit. They must accept responsibility for verifying that they are officially enrolled in the courses which they are attending. To assist students in verifying their enrollments, the Office of the Registrar e-mails students their enrollments as of the first day of the term and after the “drop-add period.” Students should check the final enrollment carefully and report discrepancies to the Office of the Registrar. Students can check their enrollment at any time by consulting the Office of the Registrar’s web site.

After the drop-add period a student may only withdraw from a course. To withdraw from a course, the student completes a course withdrawal form. A “W” (withdrawal) is recorded as of the date the student submitted the completed withdrawal request to the Office of the Registrar. A “W” does not count in grade indices. The withdrawal option should be used very sparingly, since multiple withdrawn courses slow a student's progress toward graduation and can result in violation of the satisfactory academic progress standard, and placement of the student on academic probation.

After the 4th week of classes, withdrawals are permitted only in extenuating circumstances such as illness. All such withdrawal requests and grades must have the approval of the Academic Standing Committee. Requests based on loss of interest or desire to improve one’s gradepoint average are not approved. Students claiming extenuating circumstances should begin by consulting the Associate Dean or one of the Deans of Students. Students need to submit a written explanation along with the withdrawal request to the Associate Dean of the Institute. Claims of extenuating circumstances result in a W only with the approval of the Academic Standing Committee. In the event that a student requests permission to withdraw after the deadline and bases the request on health reasons, the Committee will require written verification of illness from a health professional. This should be submitted in a timely way and should show that the professional writing the letter worked with the student during the time the student was ill.

Class Attendance and Excused Absences
Students are expected to attend classes regularly and to participate fully in class activities. Students who are absent from class, regardless of the reasons for their absence, are responsible for all work assigned in the course. In all cases of excused absence, appropriate deadlines for the completion of work missed must be arranged by the student with the instructor. Students who fail to attend the first day of class and who have not been excused may be dropped from that class.

In case of illness, it is a student’s responsibility to see that written verification of the illness is obtained from the physician or hospital and is provided to one of the Deans of Students, who notifies the student’s instructors. If a student was not seen by a physician or at a hospital, but is known by the Dean of Students to have been ill, the student may request verification of illness from the Office of Student Development. In case of a verified illness, the student is normally excused from the class; in all other cases the decision is the prerogative of the instructor.

Instructors may adopt more specific attendance policies in their courses. It is the student’s responsibility to be familiar with the instructor’s policy and to abide by it. Students should be prepared to accept a grade of an F in a course for failure to adhere to the instructor’s attendance policy. Except in the case of illness, it is the instructor’s decision whether to excuse a student from class attendance. Reasonable standards of humanity and responsibility are expected to prevail.

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