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A credit hour is generally considered equivalent to 15 contact hours, clock hours or lectures at DII. For independent study or self-study, a credit hour is equivalent to 30-hours of pre-approved and documented study.

Students are classified as sophomores after they have earned 12 credits, as juniors after they have earned 24 credits, and as seniors after they have earned 36 credits.

Transfer credits

  1. Credits earned at an accredited institution, prior to matriculation at DII and, only during the past five years, are evaluated for transfer by the Registrar, subject to the evaluation fee of $50.00 per course, plus reliable, supporting documentation, including official transcripts. In general,  subjects in which grades of B or better were earned are accepted.
    - No more than 50 per cent of the  credits required for graduation at DII are accepted from other  institutions, including Credits by Examination.
    - DII reserves the right to accept or reject any or all transfer credits, and without any reason or explanation.
  2. Credits earned at any faculty of DII may be transferred to a different faculty at DII, subject to approval of the Registrar. Because the fee structure is different at different faculties, student will be responsible for any additional payment due, before graduating from the new faculty.

Credits by Examination: DII may allow up to 30 per cent of the 50% Transfer Credits, by a special examination, upon written request and payment of the Special Exam Fee of $100.00 per exam. The credits will only be allowed, if the applicant achieves a minimum of B grade in each subject.

Transfer credits are not counted into the grade point average.

Repeating Courses
Only a few courses may be taken more than once for credit. If a student repeats any other course, only the credit earned the second time is counted toward graduation, but the record of the first taking remains on the student’s transcript and in the grade point average.

Credit for Summer Study at Other Institutions
A limited number of credits earned in summer programs at other colleges may count towards graduation. In order to ensure that the transfer credits are acceptable, studies to be undertaken elsewhere must be approved in advance by the Registrar. Transcripts for transfer credits are reviewed by the Registrar, and in certain cases, by members of the faculty as well. Usually approval is not given for more than 3 credits in one summer. Students interested in obtaining approval of proposed summer studies must return a completed “Summer Study Transfer Approval” form to the Registrar no later than two weeks before the end of Spring Term classes.

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