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Essential Terms and Procedures

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Pre-Enrollment and Registration Check-in
Students currently enrolled and those ending leaves of absence should pre-enroll for each succeeding term. Course changes may be made during the first week of the term; after that any changes incur a Re-Registration fee of $100.00.

Registration check-in takes place at the start of each term, at the times listed in the academic calendar, and serves the purpose of verifying attendance for the term. Payment of the balance of fees is due at that time. Students who do not perform registration check-in are assessed a late registration fee listed in the Tuition and Fees section. It is the responsibility of the student to learn and be aware of these rules & regulations or changes thereof.

Full-Time Enrollment
All Certificate or diploma-seeking students are expected to enroll full-time. The normal full-time load varies with the academic program.

Part-Time Enrollment (“Special Status”)
Students pursuing a certificate or diploma part-time are designated as “special status students.” Students seeking special status must obtain permission from the Associate Dean of the College. Permission is normally granted only when the student has permanent employment or family obligations or needs fewer than required credits to satisfy all degree requirements.

Students in good academic standing may enroll for more credits. Students on academic probation must have approval of the Dean or Associate Dean of the Institute to enroll for more credits. Permission is normally granted to students on the Dean’s List or with a cumulative grade index of 3.25 or better.

Students may register to audit a course. Regular attendance is required; the extent of participation in class is determined by the instructor. No auditing fee is charged to regular undergraduates. Within the first week of each term, an audit can be changed to a credit.

Enrollment by Non-Certificate / Diploma-Seeking Students
College and university graduates, either foreign or domestic, may take courses at Dominican International Institute as  continuing education students, pay appropriate tuition and enroll on a space-available basis., with approval by the Associate Dean of the College. Credits for this course work may not be used to satisfy requirements for a second certificate/diploma.

High school honors students may, with a letter of recommendation from a counselor, take courses at the Institute in any term at a reduced cost. As with other continuing education students, enrollment is on a space-available basis.

In special cases, the Dean of Admission may recommend that an applicant for admission, although not granted regular admission, may for one term be enrolled for up to six credits. In such cases, the candidate for admission will receive admission or will be denied permission to re-enroll based on unsatisfactory performance.

Dependents of employees of the Institute may take limited number of course per term at the Institute. The Registrar is in charge of advising for all non-degree-seeking students. Preliminary arrangements to take courses on this special basis should be made well before the beginning of the term in question. Final registration is on the second day of the term. All non-certificate/diploma-seeking students are subject to the usual rules and deadlines for dropping, adding and withdrawing described in this catalog. Non-certificate/diploma-seeking students may be refused permission to enroll if they have not maintained a C average (2.0) for previous DII coursework.

Second Certificate / Diploma
A person who holds a Certificate, Diploma, an Associate, Bachelor’s or post-graduate degree from any accredited institution, may be admitted as a candidate for a second  certificate/diploma. In order to earn a second certificate/diploma, the candidate must satisfy the residence requirement and established academic requirements, including a major field or fields other than those presented for the first certificate/diploma or a degree. In the case that the first certificate or diploma was earned at DII, the minimum residence requirement may be waived.

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