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Grade Reports
Grades are reported at the close of each term to the student, faculty advisor, Associate Dean of the Institute and Dean of Students. Instructors are asked to inform the Associate Dean whenever a student’s work in a course becomes unsatisfactory during the term. Grade reports are e-mailed to campus addresses unless paper copies are explicitly requested. Students may request copies of their grades to be sent to their parents or guardians by contacting the Office of the Registrar.

Midterm grades are required for all students doing work below C, for the purpose of directing students to appropriate helpful campus resources. These grades are distributed to students, their faculty advisors and the deans.

Grading System -  Dominican International Institute uses the conventional A to F grading system, with pluses and minuses, which translates into numerical equivalents ranging from 4.0 to zero as below.

100-95 A+ - A 4.0 Outstanding     71-70 D 1.3 Pass
94-91 A- 3.7       69-0 F 1.0 Fail
90-88 B+ 3.3 Superior     S C   Satisfactory
87-84 B 3.0       U >C-   Unsatisfactory
83-81 B- 2.7       I - - Incomplete
80-78 C+ 2.3 Competent     NR - - Not Recorded
77-75 C 2.0       W - - Withdrawal
74-72 C- 1.7 Satisfactory (S)            

Incomplete Work
A grade of Incomplete (I), with an extension of time to complete work after the end of the term, may be granted for situations beyond the student’s control. It is not granted for work simply neglected. In the absence of an approved incomplete, each student’s work for the term, including all examinations, reports, notebooks, essays and laboratory work must be handed in by 4 p.m. on the last day of examinations (or such earlier due dates as the instructor sets). Instructors do not have the authority to set later due dates.

To request an Incomplete, a student should:

  • obtain an Application for an Incomplete from the Office of the Registrar;
  • obtain the written approval of the instructor on the application form;
  • receive the approval of the Associate Dean or one of the Deans of Students;
  • return the completed form to the Office of the Registrar by the first day of final examinations.

Only in exceptional cases, such as serious illness, is the application procedure abridged, when the Dean of Students or the Associate Dean may initiate the award of a grade of Incomplete. Requests for Incompletes submitted after the first day of final exams are granted only if they involve circumstances such as illness arising during examination week; all such late requests must be submitted by the end of exam week.

If an incomplete grade is approved, the student normally has four weeks from the last day of exams to complete the work unless another date is specified on the Application for an Incomplete. All incomplete work must be submitted before the end of the term following the one in which the incomplete is granted. Petitions for extensions of the completion deadline may be submitted to the Academic Standing Committee, but will normally not be granted except in extraordinary circumstances.

The student is responsible for submitting the completed work to the Instructor. No credit is given for late work. Work sent by U.S. mail to the Instructor should be sent by registered mail; DII is not responsible for materials lost by regular mail or electronic transmission. Students using electronic transmission should keep copies of the work they have sent as well as proof of transmission. They should also request verification that their documents were received, and arrived in a format that could be read. Work should not be sent by campus mail or entrusted to a third party for delivery. The Instructors are expected to submit grades within one to two weeks.

When an incomplete has been granted, the faculty member records the grade that would be given based upon required work for the entire course if the missing work were not completed. This grade is regarded by the Office of the Registrar as provisional. The grade of I is reported to the student by the Office of the Registrar. Only if the student fails to submit any further work by the stipulated deadline does the provisional grade become the final grade.

Students on probation and others whose records are reviewed by the Academic Standing Committee should note that incompletes delay review; such delays may result in late placement on probationary status or in late dismissal even though the committee’s action has to be taken after the start of the next term.

Satisfactory / Unsatisfactory Option
Sophomores, juniors, and seniors who have a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.0 may stipulate for one letter-graded course per term that the grade shall be S or U. A maximum of four courses may be so taken. Instructors do not know when a student has elected to take a course on an S/U basis, and so they issue a letter grade which is converted afterwards to S or U. In order to earn an S this letter grade must be C- or higher. Grades of U do not earn credit and do not satisfy any graduation requirement. No course used to satisfy the Clinical, no course required for a student’s major or minor, nor in the department of the student’s major may be taken for elective S/U grading, since the intent of elective S/U is to encourage students to enroll for courses beyond their major field of study and the minimum exploration for a  DII certificate / diploma. An exception is made, however, for students enrolling in independent studies in their major where the instructor explicitly requests that the course be graded S/U.

A student registers for the S/U option by filing a completed Election of Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory Grading Form with the Office of the Registrar. Changes may be made during the add/drop period. No changes to or from elective S/U status may be made after the end of the add/drop period.

Sequenced Courses
If a student receives a grade below C- in a course that is part of an established sequence, he or she should meet with his or her faculty advisor to review the wisdom of taking the next course in the sequence.

Cumulative Grade-point Index
This is defined as the grade point average of all courses taken in residence at the Dominican International Institute. This index is used to determine class rank and graduation honors. Transfer and off-campus grades do not figure into the cumulative grade-point average.

Major Index
This is defined as the grade-point average of all courses required for the major. When choices exist, the Registrar selects those courses with the highest grades. Required courses outside the major department specified by course number are counted in this index. A major index of 2.0 or better is required for graduation. If a course required for the major is repeated, the first attempt is not included in calculating the major index. A grade-point average of 2.0 or better is also required for minors.

Grade Changes
A grade entered by the Registrar may be changed only if the instructor’s request is approved by the Associate Dean of the College, in the case of clerical or judgmental errors, or by the Academic Standing Committee in all other cases. Requests based on an evaluation of work submitted after the last day of examinations are not granted.

Faculty regulations require that all grades be based on performance in the course. At the discretion of the instructor, the work to be evaluated may include written work, oral work, laboratory performance, class participation and attendance or any other forms of work appropriate to the course. Grading or classroom practices that reflect sex or race discrimination or harassment are a violation of faculty regulations. A student who believes his or her grade was based on factors other than performance in the course should first speak with the instructor. The student may make an appeal to the Dean of the Institute; if, in the Dean’s opinion, the student establishes a reasonable probability that the grading was not in accord with faculty regulations, the Dean may constitute a review board.

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