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Leave of Absence, Voluntary Withdrawal & Readmission

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Leave of Absence
Application for a leave of absence, whether for personal reasons or for participation in individually arranged off-campus study programs, is done through the Office of the Associate Dean and the Dean of Students. Instructions are included on the application form.

Students who wish to take leave to pursue studies off-campus should see the Associate Dean of the College, while students requesting leaves of absence for personal or medical reasons should see one of the Deans of Students.

Personal leaves are granted when a student desires to interrupt his or her progress toward a certificate or diploma for up to one year without withdrawing from candidacy for a DII certificate or diploma.. Personal leaves enable students to work, travel or pursue interests not involving formal studies that would count towards graduation from Dominican International Institute. For a student in good academic standing, no qualifications are necessary to obtain a personal leave.

A student who is on academic probation may be required by the Academic Standing Committee to submit a statement of how he or she proposes to complete the academic program after returning from leave. A student should also request leave from one of the Deans of Students when medical or other emergencies would force the student to leave campus during the term.

A Dean assists the student in arranging for incomplete grades or course withdrawals. No refund of enrollment deposit is made to students who withdraw from the Institute after going on leave unless approved in advance by a Dean.

Withdrawal from the Institute and Readmission
When a student withdraws or takes a leave of absence from all classes during a term, it is the Institute’s responsibility to determine the student’s withdrawal date for the purpose of the return of Title IV (federal) financial aid and the refund/cancellation of charges and non-federal financial assistance.

Official Withdrawal
For a student to be considered officially withdrawn, he or she must notify the Institute in writing, of the intent to withdraw by contacting one of the following DII officials: the Dean of Students, one of the Associate Deans of Students, or the Associate Dean of the College. The withdrawal date is the date that the student notifies one of the above-named officials of the intent to withdraw and/or begins the withdrawal process by completing a withdrawal/leave of absence form.

Students who have withdrawn may apply to the Registrar, Dean of Students or the Associate Dean of the College for readmission; the agreement of the Academic Standing Committee is required for the readmission of students who withdrew while on any form of probationary status. Students who are readmitted may be required to satisfy the graduation requirements in effect at the time of their readmission.

Unofficial Withdrawal
If a student ceases attendance without providing official notification to DII, the withdrawal date is the midpoint of the term, except that the College may use as the withdrawal date the student’s last date of attendance at an academically-related activity, as documented by the Institute. Students who leave campus during a term without providing official notification are dropped from the College and receive failing grades in all their courses (unless the Dean of Students or Associate Dean of the College determines that such grades should not be awarded). This action is taken fifteen days after the Dean of Students sends a warning to them. During the fifteen-day period, students may show cause why such action should not be taken.

Special Circumstances: If the Institute determines that a student did not provide official notification because of illness, accident, grievous personal loss, or other such circumstances beyond the student’s control, one of the above-named Deans may determine a withdrawal date related to that circumstance.

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