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Course Appendix  »  Medical Case Management

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  » MCM-101   » Introduction to Medical Case Management   » 30 clock hours
This course covers the history & evolution of Case Management profession, including the Role & functions of Case Managers, Education, Training and Certification.

  » MCM-102   » Case Management Process   » 30 clock hours
This course focuses on the assessment patient and problem identification, care planning, care delivery, monitoring and evaluation of the care provided, specifically for its relevance to meet the needs of the patient / family, and for the health care team’s ability to meet the desired outcomes and established goals.

  » MCM-103   » Information System in Case Management   » 15 clock hours
The goal of this course is to familiarize the students with the automated case management information systems (CMISs) that are designed to streamline the case manager’s workflow and make it much more efficient for data collection, data storage, data retrieval, data sharing and work with other providers as an efficient team.

  » MCM-104   » Transitional Planning in Case Management   » 30 clock hours
Transition Planning is a process that case managers apply to ensure that appropriate resources & services are provided to patients. The students will learn about timely transfer of patients from one level of care to another, such as from acute to sub-acute, intensive care to a regular patient care unit or from hospital to home, ensuring the continuity and coordination of the best of care.

  » MCM-105   » Utilization & Resource Management   » 30 clock hours
By the end of this course, the student would be able to identify terms & concepts associated with utilization and resource management, understand how the process works, methods in utilization management, outcomes and reporting.

  » MCM-106   » Leadership Skills & Concepts in Case Management   » 20 clock hours
Case Managers require a wide array of management skills, delegation, conflict resolution, crisis intervention, collaboration, consultation, coordination, identification, communication and documentation. This course will cover all of these areas.

  » MCM-107   » Health Insurance, Benefits & Reimbursement for CM   » 30 clock hours
This course covers key definitions, types of health insurance, health care delivery systems, benefits and the reimbursement systems and the role of case manager in health care reimbursement.

  » MCM-108   » Legal Issues Impacting Managed Care   » 15 clock hours
The student will become acquainted with the government and legislative issues, clinical practice guidelines, complaints and concerns about ethical issues, including Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1986 (COBRA), Health Information Portability & Accountability Act (HIPPA) and a variety of other issues impacting managed care.

  » MCM-109   » Case Management Practice Setting   » 20 clock hours
This course will define & identify various health care settings that constitute the continuum of care, and the role of case manager in relation to the continuum of care and practice settings.

  » MCM-110   » Case Management in Acute Care   » 15 clock hours
The course involves the twin-goals of a case manager in the acute care setting, such as quality care as well as the cost-effective care. The student will be able to identify the prevalent models of hospital case management, including the dominant features, primary purpose and articulate the benefits of establishing partnerships with the providers to produce measureable outcomes.

  » MCM-111   » Case Management in Home Care   » 15 clock hours
The learning objective of this course includes identifying and discussing the different services available in the home care setting, reimbursement & insurance issues, importance of collaboration with the interdisciplinary team, including durable medical equipment agencies.

  » MCM-112   » Role of Case Manager in Hospital Setting   » 15 clock hours
As the United States hospital industry undergoes dramatic change in the structure & process of care delivery, the case manager has emerged as an important part of the workforce and a key driver of managing access to care, coordination of care and cost/quality outcomes. This course will delve into the issues that distinguish case management in the hospital from those in other practice venues.

  » MCM-113   » Role of Case Manager in Community Setting   » 15 clock hours
This course will identify how and why community-based case management has evolved, the intentions and the main purpose of community based case management.

  » MCM-114   » CM in Long Term & Rehab Setting   » 15 clock hours
The goal of this program is to discuss the why and how of the post-acute levels of care, from acute rehabilitation hospitals, to nursing homes, to long-term rehab facilities. Student will learn about the recent changes in health care delivery systems and the expanded role of case managers.

  » MCM-115   » CM in Palliative Care & Hospice   » 15 clock hours
The student will learn and understand the difference between palliative care and hospice care, the main principles and scope of services and how case managers deal with each one.

  » MCM-116   » Tele-Health & Tele-Medicine   » 15 clock hours
This course explains and describes the concept & functions of tele-health and tele-medicine, the benefits, the barriers, the legal implications, the future of these programs and the role of case manager in tele-health and tele-medicine.

  » MCM-117   » Life Care Planning & Case Management.   » 30 clock hours
Life care plan is a dynamic document based on published standards of practice, comprehensive assessment, research, and data analysis, which provides an organized, concise plan for current and future needs, with associated costs, for individuals who have experienced catastrophic injury or have chronic health care needs. This course delves into life care planning and management from a case manager’s perspective, its components & the concept of Medicare Set Asides (MSA)

  » MCM-118   » Worker’s Compensation &Case Management   » 30 clock hours
This course defines the terms & acronyms specific to workers’ compensation, identifies the primary purpose of workers’ compensation, the medical, legal & financial factors and the role of case management in the field of workers’ compensation.

  » MCM-119   » Disability & Occupational Health   » 30 clock hours
The primary mission of disability management programs is to reduce the financial costs associated with all disabilities in a non-adversarial environment of claims management. The goal of this course is to develop a coordinated program with the focus on the individual’s ability rather than his/her disability and what role a case manager can play in developing this program.

  » MCM-201   » Setting-up Business in Case Management   » 30 clock hours
The profession of Case Management is growing by leaps & bounds. CM work with hospitals, HMOs, Home Health Care Agencies, Non-Profits, Law Firms, etc. and in a wide variety of settings. Many of them prefer to be an employee, yet others prefer to be independent and set-up their own business. This course involves all aspects of business start-up, including financing, marketing, business structure, licensing, insurance, reimbursement and tax considerations.

  » MCM-205   » Public Relations in Case Management   » 30 clock hours
This introductory course in Public Relations includes the basics of effective promotion for your services as a case manager, including your skills, education, training, and your knowledge to serve the clients. It includes various tools that can be used in the practice of public relations, such as press releases, media kits, blogs & social media.

  » MCM215   » Patient Advocacy   » 30 clock hours
This course involves research, investigation and programs to promote the rights of the patients.

  » MCM-220   » Clinical Training in Medical Case Management   » 50 clock hours
An integral part of the program, the clinical training can be done by shadowing an experienced case manager at an independent case management organization, or within one of the settings, e.g. hospital, long-term, home-health agency, community, etc.

  » MCM-225   » Independent Studies in Medical Case Management   » 45 clock hours
Students need to suggest a program of their personal interest to conduct an independent study within the field of medical case management, and seek approval and guidance from the school, before embarking on this program.

  » MCM-290   » Research in Medical Case Management   » 45 clock hours
Research is considered to be the professional development journey in medical case management profession. This course begins by building background knowledge of important concepts, theories & principles. The observation, examination & collection of data is then used to develop new theories, systems, procedures and programs to help improve delivery of health care and/or reduce the cost of health care delivery. The course includes the analytical and critical thinking, scientific methods, ethical concerns and search techniques necessary for the research process.
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