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FAQs for Medical Education

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  Q. What is unique about this program?  
This program has been developed after nearly 20 years of research, involving medical school faculty, students, parents and including high school teachers, career counsellors and others who are concerned about the future of health care in America, the quality of health care providers and the basic needs of youth which motivated them to the career in health care.

  Q. I am overwhelmed with my own studies. How can I find time to study for this college-level program?  
If you are a science major student, this program will supplement your knowledge and in fact help you tremendously. The program has four components, which can be done over a one year period or more, depending upon availability.

For your convenience, the 2-hour classes are held twice a week, in the evening and on the weekend. If you are internet savvy, some programs can also be taken on-line.

  Q. How long the program takes to complete?  
Anywhere from 1 to 2-years. The Basic Science component, the didactic and the lab must be done at the school. The clinical mentorship and hospital work can be done at your leisure.

  Q. At what grade I can begin this program?  
  A. Ideally, we recommend that you begin this program in Grade 11 or 12.  

  Q. Do I have to take all components?  
  A. Yes- however, subject to availability, you may take them over 2 year period.  

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