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Naturopathic Medicine

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Welcome to the exciting science of Naturopathic Medicine.  A career in Naturopathic Medicine is professionally, personally and financially fulfilling. Like many health care professionals, Naturopathic Physicians (NDs) are licensed in many states.In Michigan, as of now, there is no licensing or regulation for Naturopaths. In Canada, Naturopaths are also licensed to practice medicine. It is your responsibility to learn about the legal & licensing requirements. Such information is also available from The American Association of Naturopathic Physicians.

The practitioners of Naturopathic Medicine, treat the whole person, recognizing the patient’s physical, mental and spiritual health, cultural and genetic predisposition and environmental influences. The curative remedies are based on the underlying cause and not necessarily the symptoms. The Naturopaths not only treat the patients but also offer nutritional, psychological, social and environmental guidelines to prevent disease or to avoid acute illnesses from progressing into chronic conditions.

Most hospitals have now embraced Natural Medicine and have set up special departments for Natural, Holistic Integrated or Complementary Medicine. Naturopaths may work at these hospitals, large medical groups or set up their own private consultation.

All programs, including Continuing Education programs are available on-line.Labs & Clinical Training however must be completed at the school and/or at designated facilityCredits earned can be transferred for training in many other professions e.g. Business, Health Care, Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences or Language & Cultures. New classes start in January, April, July and October.  Accelerated programs, credits for previous studies, scholarships, student loans and easy monthly payment facilities are available. Additional, non-credit courses, can be had for $5.00 per hour, based on availability. Please refer to DII school catalog or contact the Registrar for more information.

Trimester 1-4 (1 year)
16 Courses = 720 clock hours
Tuition: $5,760.00
Cost for 8-hours CPR & First Aid mandatory course  is included.
Trimester 1-8  (2-years) 
Courses = 1,440 clock hours
Tuition: $11,520.00

  Code Topic Hrs.     Code Topic Hrs.
  MED101 Introduction to Healthcare 45     BIO-201 Fundamentals of Microbiology 45
  NMD121 Intro to Naturopathic Medicine 45     NMD102 Introduction to Acupuncture 45
  NMD116 Introduction to Homeopathic Med. 45     NMD105 Introduction to Aromatherapy 45
  MED105 Human Anatomy & Physiology-1 45     NMD112 Intro to Detoxification Therapy 45

  Code Topic Hrs.     Code Topic Hrs.
  MED205 Human Anatomy & Physiology-2 45     MED109 Fundamentals of Patient Care 45
  HOM102 Materia Medica (A-F) 45     NMD115 Introduction to Meditation 45
  MED102 Human Growth & Development 45     NMD118 Introduction to Iridology 45
  HOM104 Homeopathic Medical Repertory 45     NMD122 Dynamics of pH in Health 45

  Code Topic Hrs.     Code Topic Hrs.
  MED109 Health Conditions & Diseases 45     NMD125 Reiki & Healing Touch Therapy 45
  HOM103 Materia Medica (G-Z) 45     SOC-101 Introduction to Sociology 45
  HOM105 Art of Homeopathic Case Taking 45     NMD126 Introduction to Reflexology 45
  PSY-101 Introduction to Psychology 45     YGA101 Introduction to Yoga 45

  Code Topic Hrs.     Code Topic Hrs.
  MED106 Health Assessment &Phy Exam 45     MED220 Diagnostic / Lab Tests 45
  MED104 Medical Professional Ethics 45     TMT101 Introduction to Massage Therapy 45
  CUL-101 Multicultural Studies 45     SPA-101 Spanish As Second Language 45
  NMD115 Introduction to Herbal Medicine 45     BUS-101 Introduction to Business 45

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