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Course Appendix  »  Psychology

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  » PSY 101   » Introduction to Psychology   » 45 clock hours
The course includes perception, learning, memory, motivation, emotion, intelligence, personality, development, psychopathology and social behavior.

  » PSY 102   » Child Psychology   » 45 clock hours
The course includes principles of growth, maturation & learning relating to child development. Interaction of hereditary and environmental factors influencing the social, cognitive, and personality development of the child. Theories & research relative to the psychology of the child from the prenatal period through late childhood.

  » PSY 103   » Adolescent Psychology   » 45 clock hours
The course includes theories & principles of pre-adolescent & adolescent behavior and its underlying dynamics; systemic study of modern concepts for understanding and dealing with the pre-adolescent adolescent in our society, with an emphasis on normal behavior development as it relates to the physical, emotional,. Social, and intellectual growth of adolescents.

  » PSY 105   » Psychology of Aging   » 45 clock hours
The goal of this course is to study and analyze the concepts , and theories related to the successful aging, including the paradigms & issues in adult development, social dimensions, age-related changes in sex-roles, and graying of America.

  » PSY 201   » Abnormal to Psychology   » 45 clock hours
Nature of abnormal &deviant behavior and its underlying dynamics; systematic study of modern concepts of diagnosis, understanding, treatment and prevention of abnormal behavior patterns.

  » PSY-202   » Psychology & Mental Health   » 45 clock hours
The course is designed to provide students with basic skills for working with older adults, and with information & interventions related to common mental health issues in older people, including basic interviewing, listening and problem solving skills.

  » PSY-210   » Psychology in Business   » 45 clock hours
The course explores how & why psychology is important in operating a good business, including recognizing inter-personal relationship, developing corporate culture, teamwork, understanding clients/customers & satisfying needs.

  » PSY-220   » Introduction to Parapsychology   » 45 clock hours
Parapsychology has been referred to a controversial science. This course involves the history & development of parapsychology, within the context of the study of experiences, life after death, ghosts and other issues.

  » PSY-250   » Independent Study inPsychology   » 45 clock hours
Students need to suggest a program of their personal interest to conduct an independent study within the field of Psychology, and seek approval and guidance from the school, before embarking on this program.

  » PSY-290   » Research in Psychology   » 45 clock hours
Research is considered to be the professional development journey of medical profession. This course begins by building background knowledge of important concepts, theories & principles. The observation, examination & collection of data is then used to develop new theories, pharmaceuticals and/or modalities to help improve health care. The course includes the analytical and critical thinking, scientific methods, ethical concerns and search techniques necessary for the research process.
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