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Course Appendix  »  School of Health & Medicine

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  » ADP-101   » Introduction to Activity Director Profession   » 45 clock hours
This course deals with the profession of Activity Director and also covers the history & evolution of the profession, including the Role & functions, Education, Training, professional organizations and Certification.

  » ADP-102   » Activity Director – Module-1   » 45 clock hours
The Module-1 includes the Aging Process, physical & psychological, including death & dying

  » ADP-103   » Activity Director – Module-2   » 45 clock hours
The Module-2 includes the Activities, creating, evaluating & implementing programs

  » ADP-104   » Activity Director – Module-3   » 45 clock hours
The Module-3 includes the laws impacting elderly & healthcare, including documentation required

  » ADP-105   » Activity Director – Module-4   » 45 clock hours
The Module-4 includes the patient care, including mental health (Alzheimer, Dementia)

  » ADP-106   » Activity Director – Module-5   » 45 clock hours
The Module-5 includes the documentation required, reporting & coordinating all facilities, treatment, activities, etc.

  » ADP-200   » Independent Studies in Activity Director Profession   » 45 clock hours
Under the guidance of a faculty member, the student conducts a independent study on a subject or theory within the field of Activity Director. Approval of the school before the study begins and a paperat the end is required for credit

  » BIO 101   » Introduction to Human Biology   » 45 clock hours
The course focuses on human cell, tissue and organ system function., with an emphasis on a systems approach to human health and disease.

  » BIO 201   » Fundamentals of Microbiology   » 45 clock hours
This introductory course in microbiology covers the concepts of microorganism, particularly bacteria, viruses, fungi, helminthes & protozoa, including the history, morphology & physiology of microorganism, the role in disease process, epidemiology, immunology and control measures.

  » BIO 250   » Microbiology of Health & Disease   » 45 clock hours
The course covers the general nature and behavior of microbes, normal flora, infectious process, causative agents of disease, host-parasite relationship, modes of transmission & development of immunity.

  » CHE 101   » General Chemistry   » 45 clock hours
The introductory course in chemistry includes both inorganic & organic chemistry. Study of atomic structure, chemical bonding, properties of matter & chemical reactions, gaseous state, thermodynamics, electrolyte & non-electrolyte solutions, etc.

  » CHE 201   » Organic Chemistry   » 45 clock hours
The introductory course in organic chemistry covers fundamentals of aliphatic and aromatic organic chemistry with an emphasis on reactions of functional groups & bio molecules.

  » CPR 101   » CPR & First Aid   » 8 clock hours
This basic 8-hour interactive course include Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation for adults and children, including the basis first aid. A Certification will be issued upon successful completion of the program.
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