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Intensive, 3-hour business and cultural seminars to help you succeed in the world markets and help you understand the dynamics of diversity within your organization at home.

You will learn about:
- Land, Climate, History and the Government
- The People, Languages, Religions, Cultures& Customs
- The Economy, Education & Healthcare
- Business overview & opportunities, including Finance, laws, arbitration, etc.
  Sr. No. Day Date Time Program
  1 Tue Dec. 06 2.00pm Africa
  2 Mon Dec. 12 2.00pm Asia
  3 Mon Dec 19 9.00 am China
  4 Tue Jan 10, 2012 2.00pm France
  5 Wed Jan. 18 2.00pm Germany
  6 Thur Feb. 02 9.00am Great Britain
  7 Tue Feb. 21 2.00 pm India
  8 Mon March 05 9.00am Japan
  9 Thur March 15 2.00pm Korea
  10 Fri Apr. 06 2.00pm Latin America
  11 Tue Apr. 17 9.00am Middle East
  12 Mon Apr. 30 2.00pm Russia

- The cost of each seminar is $89.00 per person.
- Full payment is required with your reservation. Please include your full name, address, telephone, email address and company /organization affiliation (if any).
- Seats are limited. A confirmation email will be sent upon receipt of your reservation.
- No refunds after confirmation. Substitutes may be allowed with $25 additional fee.
- A Certificate of Participation will be issued.
- All programs are subject to change without notice.
- Full refund, in case the program is cancelled by the Multicultural Council and/or DII.
- Dominican International Institute will allow 1/3rd credit hour for each seminar towards DII-International Business Administration Certificate or diploma programs.
- Credits may also be allowed by other colleges & universities. Please check with your school.
- Cost of these seminars may be tax deductible – please check with your tax advisor.
For information, reservation, customized corporate consultation or cultural / language training, please contact Multicultural Council or Dominican International Institute

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