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Student Records

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Privacy and Access to Student Records
All educational records of the College are managed in accordance with the provisions of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA), as amended. The act provides that a student may inspect certain records and also limits who may have access to a student’s records without the student’s permission. To inspect his or her records, a student should obtain a request form from the Office of Student Development. More detailed information on student rights under the act may be obtained from the Student Handbook or from the Office of Student Development.

Name Changes
At the time of initial enrollment, the full name of a student is entered on his or her transcript record. Students who change their names while they are enrolled may ask that their name be changed on their transcript records. Appropriate documentation should accompany such requests. Such changes are made only if requested by students and only while students are enrolled at Dominican International Institute. At the time of graduation, the names used on diplomas are those that appear on transcript records. Students who return to DII with new legal names after receiving their credentials have separate, cross-referenced records established under their new names, but the names that appear on their pre-graduation transcript records are not changed.

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