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Course Appendix  »  Teacher Training Program

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  » TTR-101   » Introduction to Teaching   » 45 clock hours
This course includes the fundamentals of teacher training, knowledge of human development & learning, multiple approaches to learning, instructional strategies, and professional commitment and responsibilities.

  » TTR-102   » Pedagogy in Teaching   » 45 clock hours
The teacher’s pedagogy and curriculum influences and affects a child’s education and even achievement. This program explores the theory, research and practice relating to the traditional & non-traditional pedagogies and their relationship to educational outcome.

  » TTR-103   » Student Centered Instruction   » 45 clock hours
This course covers the basics of teaching methodologies which are student centered, providing special attention, motivational theories and relating to children with special needs, behavioral problems, disabilities, etc.

  » TTR-104   » Teaching & Managing a Diverse Class   » 45 clock hours
The 21st century America has become very multicultural, multilingual and multiracial. The goal of this course is to examine the factors influencing our diversity and finding ways & means to teach such a diverse class and manage the ethno-cultural student body effectively.

  » TTM-105   » Methods of Teaching Math   » 45 clock hours
This course covers the teacher’s understanding of the mathematical concepts, procedures and processes that the students need to learn.

  » TTS-106   » Methods of Teaching Science   » 45 clock hours
The goal of this course is to emphasize and reflect the essential triad of knowledge, skills, and the ability to relate science to technology, society and the environment.

  » TTR-201   » Teacher Effectiveness Training   » 45 clock hours
Based on the concept of TET by Dr. Thomas Gordon, this program explores the various modules developed by Dr. Gordon, to enhance the teaching & learning process.

  » TTR-225   » Independent Studies Teaching   » 45 clock hours
Under the guidance of a faculty member, the student conducts a independent study on a subject or theory within the field of education and teaching. Approval of the school is required.

  » TTR-250   » Research in Teaching   » 45 clock hours
Under the guidance of a faculty member, the student conducts an investigation of a topic within the field of education and teaching. Initially a written proposal and ultimately a final report are required for approval.

  » TTR-260   » Preparing for Teacher Certification   » 45 clock hours
Prerequisite: TTR-101-104
This course is designed for Certification as an Assistant Teacher or a Substitute Teacher and include such topics as why do I want to teach?, What challenges will I confront?, what is it like to be teacher?, What knowledge do I need?, What are five views of the teacher knowledge base?, Ethical & Legal issues in U.S. Education, etc.

  » VOL-101   » Introduction to Volunteer Management   » 45 clock hours
This introductory course is designed for the student who has had some experience as a volunteer but now wants to develop new skills to manage the volunteers. The course delves into the roles, responsibilities of the volunteer manager, It also includes the basics of planning, recruitment & selection, and the support system

  » VOL- 202   » Volunteer Management   » 45 clock hours
Prerequisite: PSY-101& VOL-101
Managing the unpaid volunteers has become a profession which requires special knowledge, patience, understanding and training in sociology, psychology and human relations. This course delves into the challenges to keep the harmony between the paid employees and the volunteers.

  » VOL-203   » Developing & Managing Volunteer Programs   » 45 clock hours
Prerequisite: VOL-101
This course explores the ‘management program cycle’ which provides a frame work to organize your thinking and structure your work with volunteers.

  » VOL-204   » Volunteer Management& Retention   » 45 clock hours
Prerequisite: PSY-101& VOL-101
This course offers an in-depth understanding & management of volunteers, including trends affecting volunteers, volunteer program planning & administration, designing & using volunteer program forms & records, selection & maintaining volunteers.

  » VOL-205   » Training Volunteer Board & Leaders   » 45 clock hours
Prerequisite: PSY-101& VOL-101
The goal of this course is to learn how to seek out and strive to develop voluntary leaders to serve effectively on Boards and Committees of a non-profit organization, because these leaders shape the organization they represent

  » VOL-210   » Management of Multicultural Volunteers (3 credits)   » 45 clock hours
This course offers insight into cultural diversity, cultural sensitivity and ways & means to handle volunteers with different cultural, religious or ethnic backgrouns.

  » VOL-225   » Independent Studies in Volunteer Work   » 45 clock hours
Students need to suggest a program of their personal interest to conduct an independent study within the field of volunteer work, and seek approval and guidance from the school, before embarking on this program.

  » VOL-290   » Research in Volunteer work   » 45 clock hours
Research is considered to be the professional development journey in the field of volunteer work. This course begins by building background knowledge of important concepts, theories & principles. The observation, examination & collection of data is then used to develop new theories, systems, procedures and programs to help improve volunteer work. The course includes the analytical and critical thinking, scientific methods, ethical concerns and search techniques necessary for the research process
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