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USMLE & Medical Board Exam FAQs

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  Q. What is unique about DIC’s approach to licensing exam for Medical Boards & USMLE?  
It is a concept oriented medical teaching program, through 570 pre-recorded videos on Basic Sciences. It is not a review course but a foundation course to learn the basics, in a simple, systematic & coordinated way which makes it easy to grasp, understand and remember.

  Q. Why is your program so inexpensive as compared to other Board Prep or USMLE programs?  
We are a non-profit, educational organization originally set-up to help immigrants & foreign doctors to qualify for the licensing in the United States. Our program has been extremely popular and indeed affordable. It is now being offered at foreign medical schools as well as to U.S. and Canadian Medical students.

  Q. How can I evaluate the program before signing up or paying for it?  
We encourage you to please evaluate our program and compare our methodology, our unique teaching process, the benefits and the cost with other programs.

Having helped thousands of medical students and doctors pass the USMLE during the past 20 years, we have been told, time & again, that this is the best program available. To help you evaluate our program, we are offering you 5 choices:

1. FREE samples of up-to 3 selected DVDs.
2. Be our guest for a day to review any of our 70 DVDs for FREE
3.Check out few of our videos on youtube
4. Read all the comments about our program made by students like you, from around the world on the youtube or facebook. (Doctornajeebchannel / you tube)
5. Come & talk to some of our students.

  Q. When should I take this course?  
We encourage students, at all levels, to take this program as a supplement to their classes. Those thinking of appearing for a Board Exam, USMLE, and even practicing physicians, would greatly benefit from this program. The program is also being offered as Continuing Medical Education.

  Q. How long is the program?  
We offer 3-choices, 4, 8 and 12 months to complete this 400 hour program. However, only part of the program can also be taken with special request.

  Q. Can I do the program through the internet or at our hospital, medical school or facility?  
Unfortunately – not at this time, but we expect to introduce our on-line program soon. You must do the program at our study center. We offer convenient hours including evenings & weekends. By special arrangements, the program can be offered for groups of 10 or more at your location.

  Q. Do you have live-lectures available?  
For groups or for certain subjects or topics, Dominican International College can offer live lectures at our centers or at your location.
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