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Volunteer Management

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Nearly 65 million Americans volunteer in a wide variety of organizations & institutions. From the non-profit large community organizations to the little league baseball teams and from major hospitals and libraries to hospice and senior centers, volunteers have become an integral part of our society.

Unfortunately, there is also a very high turnover among volunteers. According to the research done by The Urban Institute, two-fifths of the volunteers stop volunteering because of one or more poor volunteer management practices. Although the non-profit sector, in the past, has been reluctant to adopt management policies of for-profit sector, the changing volunteer culture and growing needs of the volunteers dictates re-engineering of the volunteer management policies & practice.

Dominican International Institute offers the Volunteer Management Specialist Certificate programs with a challenging curriculum, based on research done by a number of experts in the volunteer management field. Our non-traditional, work-shop, seminars, individualized and thought provoking programs encompasses what more non-profit organizations need to plan and develop an effective volunteer management program, which may enhance your standing in the community, attract more qualified volunteers, increase retention significantly and  which will satisfy the needs and desires of the 21st century volunteers.

All programs, including Continuing Education programs are available on-line. Credits earned can be transferred for training in many other professions e.g. Business, Health Care, Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences or Language & Cultures. New classes start in January, April, July and October.  Accelerated programs, credits for previous studies, scholarships, student loans and easy monthly payment facilities are available. Additional, non-credit courses, can be had for $5.00 per hour, based on availability. Please refer to DII school catalog or contact the Registrar for more information.

Trimester 1-4 (1 year)
14 Courses = 630 clock hours
Tuition: $1,970.00
The 8-hours CPR & First Aid course is mandatory
cost is included in the tuition
Trimester 1-8  (2-years)
28 Courses = 1,260 clock hours
Tuition: $3,860.00

  Code Topic Hrs.     Code Topic Hrs.
  VOL-101 Introduction to Volunteer Management 45     VOL203 Developing & Managing Volunteers 45
  CUL-101 Multicultural Studies 45     VOL204 Volunteer Management & Retention 45
  PSY-101 Introduction to Psychology 45     VOL205 Training Volunteer Board & Leaders 45

  Code Topic Hrs.     Code Topic Hrs.
  SOC-101 Introduction to Sociology 45     GRN101 Fundamentals of Grant Writing 45
  VOL-202 Volunteer Management 45     COM101 Fundamentals of Communication 45
  EDU-101 Fundamentals of Adult Learning 45     ETH-102 Professional Ethics 45
  BUS-207 The Art of Public Speaking 45     BUS-219 Crisis & Conflict Management 45

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